Friday 6 August 2010

Saurian Era 03

*Not all of this fits in with the current Saurian Era world storyline which is 
currently growing faster then a baby Rex in a butchery*

Be sure to click on the images for a better viewer.


  1. Hey man your comic is great in art as well as idea! Need to come back again to catch up the full storyline :)

    BTW I was just wondering if there is a good reason why you chose to have smaller comic images in the post, which reader needs to click to actually enlarge to readable size. Would be nice if readers could land on the page and directly read the comic from readably big images.

  2. Hi. Yeah, I find the viewer that pops up when you click on the images is heaps better then just having them up and large on the normal page. You can also scroll through them easier and it does that neat thing with the black frame as well. Thanks for the feedback though, I plan to one day have a much better reader for these :D

  3. Fantasy based comics are so good. Glad they are still being made. Kids should read these to improve their imagination and reading skills. Good article and good luck.