Saturday 24 March 2012

War Rough

Had big plans for the next comic to be done for Armageddon Expo this April - I even swore off the new Mass Effect game in order to get it done. It will be bringing the past two comics together in one and bringing in some new characters - including the Raptor riding lass I posted below. However, I really want to nail this next one. I want to make the best damn Saurian Era comic I can. So I wont be rushing it out. Im busy studying my anatomy and learning my digital painting. Ill be taking a sculpting and maquette making course next month thanks to the White Cloud Worlds Workshop being held here in Welly. The September Expo in Auckland is my aim for the next one to be done by. In the meantime, Ill be busting out some sweet pics to sell as prints this April. Here's a rough of the one I'm working on at the mo.
Also, here's a silly little trailer for the next comic. Rough as guts, but I made it in a day in a burst of enthusiasm :)

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  1. Enjoyed meeting you at Armageddon. I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce next. Keep up the great work.