Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Comic is on it's way! So, so close. Just been caught up in some work so not to worry, the comic will look the better for it and still be out for Armageddon in a months time :D

And right below we have the fearsome, Baby Kumra:

"Terror of The Five Kingdoms! The Great Devourer, Land Shark and The Stomach That Walks, all fearsome names for the voracious beast Baby Kumra will one day grow up to be. Until then, he has some serious eating to do, so, uh, watch those fingers and toes folks..."

Designed for a toy competition - if I place I might even be able to get him made in 3d!

 And, if that's not enough, the powers that be have seen fit to put mention of myself and the stories I'm attempting to tell in this fantastic compilation of NZ Comics!
Big thank you to Mr Dylan Horrocks and everyone in the NZ comic scene - what an exciting island we all live on.

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  1. Very much enjoyed looking at all your works here Cory :-) great work