Tuesday 17 June 2014

Faction Vol.03 Released!

Look at that mighty attractive cover - ties in nicely with all the coral in my little story!
Head on over to www.factioncomics.co.nz and order yourself a copy. Featuring comic work in a range of styles by some stellar New Zealand creatives - top stuff!

In the mean time I have been:

Getting stuck into the second part of 'The Reef.'

Working out the character of Knief - who'll be featuring heavily in the next comic...

Quick inks for newly discovered T Rex, 'Qianzhousaurus' - or Pinocchio Rex, due to his extra long snout.

I turned 29!

And I'm about to head off to Europe for a couple of months! Gonna be studying oil painting in Florence then travelling round for a month to see a bit more of that side of the freakin' globe.
See you on the other side!

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