Friday 6 August 2010

Onwards and Upwards

One down, everything else to go. Several different stories had to be told. I am still as green a comic book maker as they come, seriously, I only picked up my first proper comic book when I was twenty. When I finished high school it was a toss up between pursuing english and writing, or going to animation school. Choosing the later, comics now seem like the perfect medium for getting what I enjoy into one tidy, book sized package.

My current goals are:
-Finish the next comic for Auckland Armageddon in October.
-Get a proper maquette done with the tools and supplies my good friend Eddy has gifted to me.
-Get some more nice digital images done showing off the arena side of the Saurian Era world.
-Continue with regular lifedrawing classes (which you can see at my other blog here).

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