Friday 6 August 2010

Time Goes On

Things fell apart with my girlfriend and I ended up getting a studio to live in and share with my old painting tutor Jason Secto, from Inverlochy. I kept at the oil painting and lifedrawing and filled in for Jason and taught a couple of classes there myself in classical animation. The amazing Massive Black Workshop came to Wellington, it mostly confused me and I was unsure about whether I wanted to pour my energies into working towards a job as a concept artist afterwards. There was some incredible talent and I learnt a heap, I just wish I had been in a better head space, (having just broken up with the gf) and made better use of all the potential leads and contacts there.
Here are a couple of the oil paintings I tackled. I want to take these skills and put them toward some classical dinosaur paintings some day, much like my hero James Gurney and his incredible world, Dinotopia.

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