Friday 6 August 2010

The Call

All of a sudden the phone rings. Its Gene, from my old animation school. He is keen to get me up to Auckland to finish off Saurian Era for the Hamburg Animation Awards in Germany. I jump at the chance, cash in a years worth of work leave and head back to the big smoke to take a bash at it. Over the next month I work my butt off, late nights and weekends working at my sisters cafe, but with a help of my friends, family and fellow graduates I manage to get Saurian Era finished, complete with new twist ending and a great sound track. It aired at the Hamburg awards and I even got to see it on a huge cinema screen. Suddenly all my stories and ideas were coming together into something tangible.

Finished Animation:

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff Cory! I've only just seen this today and it's brilliant.
    Good luck with it - very keen to see what else you do with this world.